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Glued laminated timber (Glulam)

Glued laminated (vertical) panel:

Клеёная панель
Клеёная панель

Уже нарезанная по размерам панель готова к отправке

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Клеёная панель
Клеёная панель

Предварительная сборка стены в цеху

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Клеёная панель
Клеёная панель

Завершена сборка дома из данной панели

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Using glued laminated timber constructions as a primary building material enables to guarantee top-quality of houses built with the highest degree of accuracy and speed.

Glulam panel is the material the roof, walls and floors are built of.

Glulam panel width variability (from 34 to 104 cm.) at the length of up to 13,5 m. and possibility to produce wooden laminated constructions of any configuration (including rounded) provides the maximum freedom of architectural expression.

Glulam panel is a large-size element of walls (width – 10 cm.) and floor slabs (wooden floor slabs – WFS – from 12 to 36 cm. in width), industrially made of lamellae (boards) glued together in cross orientation towards the panel, what ensures natural air permeability.

The panel is made with a maximum width of 104 cm. and can be shortened with the board pitch of 4 cm. The standard width of Glulam panel is 34 and 54 cm., what allows minimizing the costs for cutting when designing houses.

Advantages of Glulam panel construction method:

1) Glulam panel – a massive, natural, highly precise and solid building element.

2) The hardest material applied for the walls of a domestic house.

3) Glulam walls are stronger than brick and reinforced concrete walls. Glulam components are by 50-70% stronger than solid wood;

4) Glulam panel does not change its form in service.

5) Tongue-and-groove joints securely fix the glulam panel in the wall.

6) Due to its vertical position, the glulam panel prevents height shrinkage of a building.  

7) The panel does not crack, highly resistant to putrefaction and insect pests.

8) Has high quality (pre-finished) of face surfaces.

The highest quality of timber and its running through a modern machine Hundegger K2i ensures the superb exterior of the finished item.

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Cross-laminated timber is manufactured from timber strips that are stacked crosswise on top of each other and glued together under great pressure to form a massive panel.

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber):


The criss-cross arrangement of longitudinal and transverse lamellae minimizes the probability of swelling and shrinkage on the surface of a plate.


The cross gluing ensures total lack of inner stress and warp of the material, extra strength, outstanding features of resistance to shrinkage and swelling.

What is more, the material remains non-polluting as only natural adhesives are used, enabling the wood ‘to breath’.

Doorways and windows are cut through massive wooden panels directly at a production site, so on a construction site it is only needed to assemble the house.


High stability of CLT panels makes it possible to keep the geometry as per the design, accurate to a tenth millimeter, so even a couple of builders can assemble a house in a record-breaking time.

CLT-panel house assembling does not depend on weather conditions and can be carried out all year round.

When one is planning to build a house, he wants to be sure not only of its safety for the coming 10-20 years, but also that ‘the family estate’ will serve faithfully and loyally to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


CLT-technology is as reliable as brick and stone materials: cross laminated and glued massive wooden panels are considered to be more solid than concrete.

We produce prefabricated houses made of CLT panels in Finland

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Advantages of glulam timber over the common one:

1. no defects

2. uniform geometrical dimensions

3. stronger by 50-70%

4. better temperature and noise insulation

5. high speed of building due to net-shape manufacturing and no shrinkage

We offer:

Dry structural BSH beams:

- For mounting of a rafter system, inter-floor constructions, framings,

unsupported spans etc.

- Spruce pine

- up to 13500 mm. long

- sectional area up to 300х600 mm.

- moisture content - 12%

Imitation log siding:

Facing is made of BSH beam

- For facing of frame walls, brick walls, block walls.

- Made of dry structural BSH beams by means of wood division from top to


- Spruce pine

- thickness - 30/40 mm.

- height - 230/270 mm.